Wear to Work: Greystone Eyes

Hola, beauties! Today I had an interview and used my go to The Wearables palette by Laura Geller. There is a pretty grey, stone color that I used on my lids with a grey eyeshadow base from Maybelline. I used some brown mixed with purple in the crease and a pink shade for my transitional color. I only managed to take one pic for today, sorry loves!!! Thanks for supporting my blog – I really appreciate it!!!!! ☺️😊😎


Brown, Silver and Glitter! – Urban Decay Naked2 Palette

Hey guys! Here’s another look I created with the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette. It’s a brown and silver-grey eye makeup look with some glitter in the center of the eyes. Thanks for viewing!

Color Overload: My Makeup Looks for the Week

Hey girlies! I know I haven’t been doin much bloggin like I used to do, but that’s because I’ve been busy with work 😦 Anyway, here are all of my looks for the week! If you want me to do a step by step tutorial for any of these looks, let me know! Thanks for viewing!

Makeup on Rewind: My Makeup for the Week

Hey guys! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I’ve been MIA recently because I started a new job on Monday, so I don’t have much time to post my looks. Also, I haven’t been doin that much colorful, dramatic looks because I don’t want my makeup to be too loud for work. However, I still try my best to add some flavor to my looks for work, so here’s my makeup for the work week!

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions…thanks!

Sultry, Green Eyes for Work

Do you ever get tired of wearing neutral colored eyeshadow to work? Well, I know I do. Since I love makeup and color so much, I cannot stick to the same old, boring neutral eyes for work. Even if you work in a professional setting, nothing is wrong with adding a bit of color to your look. The key thing is to not overdo it. Anyway, I decided to do an olive-green makeup look that has a touch of smokiness to it. I didn’t want it to be too dramatic, so I toned down on the black eyeshadow. I used three different shades of green and a dark blue eyeshadow along my lash line. This look is simple to re-create; all you need is a blending brush and a pencil brush for this look. You can use one or more eyeshadows, but using more than one eyeshadow will give your eyes a little more dimension. I hope this will give you guys some ideas for makeup to wear to work. Even if you do decide to stick with the neutral eyes, you can add a pop of color by using a colored eyeliner pencil on your upper and/or lower lash line. Thanks for viewing!


Ready for Work Makeup

Today, I went on a job interview and I wanted a look that was pretty, but not over done. I kept my eyes neutral, with very soft, warm colors from the Sleek Nude Collection eyeshadow palette. The Urban Decay Naked2 and the Sleek Au Naturel palette are my go-to palettes for creating very simple makeup. I really like the colors from both palettes, and I think the colors suit most skin tones, so that’s a major plus. Anyway, I used the darker colors from the palette in my crease and used a shimmery, cream color eyeshadow on my lids. I used a brown ELF liquid liner on my upper lash line, and completed the look with NYX Brown Sugar lipstick. You should always wear a matte finished lipstick when goin on a job interview because lip gloss brings too much attention to the lips, so you’re better of with some chapstick and a little lipstick. Make sure you don’t wear a color that’s too bright or dark…that’s also a big no, no! I think this is a great interview and/or work look, so hopefully this will give some of you guys ideas for your next job interview!


A Natural Look with the Naked2 Palette

Hey guys! It’s a rainy Sunday here in NY and there’s nothing much to do 😦 However, I did have fun playing around with my makeup like I always do, and decided to use my Urban Decay Naked2 Palette today. This look is really simple and very natural looking, compared to what I’m used to doing. I used just a couple of colors on my eyes with a little bit of eyeliner. I used one of my NYX mega shine lip gloss, which is a plum shade to add a little color to the whole look. I used the darker eyeshadows on my lash line, to make them look more fuller. I barely used any color in the crease and I used the lightest silver color in the palette in the inner corners of my eyes. Anyway, I hope you like the more natural look! This makeup will look great on people who wear glasses because it’s very simple, but pretty 🙂 It’s also a nice look to wear to school or work.