MAC Goes and Goes Lip creme and NYX Purple Rain lipliner



Color Overload: My Makeup Looks for the Week

Hey girlies! I know I haven’t been doin much bloggin like I used to do, but that’s because I’ve been busy with work 😦 Anyway, here are all of my looks for the week! If you want me to do a step by step tutorial for any of these looks, let me know! Thanks for viewing!

Exotic Fruit

Hey guys! I was inspired to do this look from an editorial look I came across online. I was looking for ethnic makeup looks and I was mesmerized by this pic! Her makeup was bright and gorgeous, and I just love colorful looks! However, I didn’t have the same exact colors that were used for the look, but I did my best with what I have. If you have any questions about this look, please leave a comment. Thanks!


Color Shock!

So…as you can see, this is a bright and colorful look! I used all matte eyeshadow pigments that I bought on Ebay. I also used a little pink glitter on the inner portion of my lids to give it more drama. I got a set of 10 bright eyeshadow pigments for $10! That’s a pretty good deal! These pigments are super pigmented and you don’t have to keep re-applying it to get the color intensity you want. The texture of these pigments aren’t creamy at all, but it wasn’t difficult to blend. The blue pigment that I used in this look gave me some issues because the color started to fade out very quickly, it’s hard to explain. Overall, these colors are great for the summertime to create festive, vibrant looks. The name of these pigments are MYO Ultra Bright Eyeshadow pigments, just in case if you wanna purchase them on Ebay. I’m definitely satisfied with my purchase because it was cheap and the colors are very pigmented. My eyes weren’t irritated after putting them on cuz it’s a mineral makeup and aren’t harsh on the eyes. Anyway, this was the look I created with these pigments and I’ll be doin more looks for the summer! Thanks for viewing!

Spring Fling Eye Makeup

Hey y’all! The weather in NY for the past couple of days have been scorching hot! It’s so hot and humid outside, so I try not to stay out too long if I don’t have to. I usually tan very easily and don’t wanna get super dark before the summer has officially started! Anyway, the beautiful weather has inspired me to do more Spring/Summer looks with brighter, more vibrant colors. My makeup today is colorful, but it’s not too bright like clown makeup. The colors are flirty and very girly. When I wear a lot of colors on my eyes, I try to make it look more wearable by wearing a neutral color lipstick or lip gloss and subtle blush to compliment the eyes. Makeup is all about experimenting and finding the right colors that work on you. Even if you start off with a color eyeliner, like a green or a blue liner, that can spice up your look if you’re into neutral toned makeup. Don’t be too afraid to play with color, you might just have fun! I used the Sleek Curacao palette and the Manly Palette for this look. Both palettes are pretty affordable (less than $20). You can find these palettes on Ebay. Thanks for viewing and have a wonderful Tuesday!

Parrot Eyes!

What’s up,everyone?!? Hopefully, everyone is enjoying their Tuesday! I am excited about this makeup look today because it’s super colorful and dramatic, which I absolutely love! I was inspired to do this look from a picture I came across of creative makeup. This look is perfect for the summertime and for the holiday weekend coming up. If you’re not afraid of color, I highly recommend this look! I spiced up the look a bit by adding some green glitter and doing a cat eyed look. I used the Manly Palette, which was no more than $20 on Ebay when I bought it over a year ago. It’s really a great palette for fun, vibrant and colorful eye makeup, so purchase this palette if it seems like a good fit for you! Thanks for viewing!