Taylor Swift’s,”Bad Blood”music video Inspired makeup 

Hey y’all! Today, I wanted to do a sultry, blue eye makeup look that was inspired by one of the looks in Taylor Swift’s, “Bad Blood” video. If you haven’t seen the video, I suggest u check it out cuz it has some awesome cameos in it, as well as a lot of girl power stuff goin on lol. I used a grey eyeshadow in the crease and deepened the outer corners of the crease with MAC Contrast eyeshadow (dark blue-grey shade). Lastly, I used The Wearables palette from Laura Geller and used the royal blue shade from the palette on the lids. This blue is very pretty when u apply it with a wet, small brush. I attempted to make some bad girl faces to go with the theme of the video and the song but it didn’t quite work out too well for me lol! Any questions? Feel free to comment below! 

Thanks for viewing!


Silver Shimmer 

Hey, girlies! I used my baked eyeshadow palette again today! I used the two grey colors in the palette, as well as the royal blue color. I used the grayish black shade in the outer corners to smoke it out a bit. I used a warm brown in the crease and a light pink transitional color. I think it came out well! I changed the lipstick later on because I felt the MAC Heroine lipstick was a little too bold for the eyes. 


Beach Babe 

The weather is getting warmer and sometimes you just wanna go to the beach or on an outing with a simple, easy to do look. I used my handy Laura Geller baked eyeshadow palette today called, “The Wearables.” I mixed the two pink shades from the palette and applied it to my eyelids. I used a tanned matte brown shade for the crease and mixed the maroon and bronze brown color from the palette in the crease area as well. There u go! A quick look and now it’s time for the beach! 😋☺️😎🌅☀️🏄🏽🚴🏾🏊🏽