Egyptian Dance Queen

Hey guys! I decided to change up the colors I usually use on my eyes and go for some gold eyeshadow tones. It’s a very simple but cute look, and great for a party. I used MAC Mystique and MAC Amber Lights on the eyelids and used some matte brown shades in the crease, along with MAC Antiqued. I also added a hint of blue in the crease but it doesn’t show up much in the pics. I used a pink shade as my transitional color from my crease to the brow highlight. On the lower lash line, I wanted a bold blue to make the eyes pop a little more so I added a aqua blue eyeshadow. That’s the look! Any questions or comments? Please feel free to leave one below. Have a great day!!! 😊😎☺️😋


At Sunset

I’m keepin it short and sweet today. I used two main eyeshadow colors: purple in the crease and pink on the eyelids ( MAC Creme de Violet). I used a tan light brown as my transitional color to the brow highlight. Very simple and easy, but still sexy! I hope y’all like!


The Secret Garden 

Hey loves! I did a look inspired by Linda Hallberg (makeup artist) that is perfect for the spring and summer. It has light pastel colors mixed with some earthy tones in the crease and in the outer corners of the eyes. I used light purples, greens, blues, brown, orange and a subtle pink. I really like how it came out. It has a slight iridescent finish that I love! 


Surfboard Diva Eye Makeup

   Products Used:

Smashbox BB cream in Dark

Urban Decay Solstice on the inner and center of my eyelids

Urban Decay Scorpio eyeshadow on the outer corner of my eyelids

Manly Palette (bought it on EBay) I used a mix of the light and dark matte greens and used shades of blue mixed together on the outer crease

I used a matte brown eyeshadow and a matte purple eyeshadow in the center of my crease – black on the outer corners of my eyes

Keepin it Simple but Sexy

Hey guys! I did a simple eye makeup look today (simple to me lol) using a white eyeshadow base for multi colors. I used a peach, shimmery shade in the inner portion of my eyes, a pastel green for the middle of the eyelids and a purple shimmer and a purple matte for the outer portion of the eyes. In the crease, I used a matte soft blue shade, a forest green in the center of the eyes and some gray mixed into the crease. I used MAC Stars N Rockets as a transition shade. I hope u guys like this colorful, yet not in ur face, eye makeup look! Enjoy! 


Lilac Delight

Happy Monday! I did a subtle, spring eye makeup look today. I used a teal shade in the inner corners of my eyes and a purple in the middle and outer portion of my eyes. I smoked out the crease with some matte gray eyeshadow and some blue eyeshadow. I really like the look with my pastel purple lips. Tell me what u think! 



Iridescent Blue Coral

Hey guys! I used subtle shades of blue and green and some gray to achieve this look. I used the Urban Decay Solstice eyeshadow on the center and on the inner corners of my lids. I love the dual color tone this eyeshadow is giving me! It really makes the eyes pop! Anyway, I hope u guys like the look too!