Olive and Gray Eyes

Hey loves! I did a simple but pretty look today. I used an olive toned eyeshadow on the eyelids and a mauve and grey eyeshadow in the crease. I used a little bit of a bright orange matte eyeshadow as my transition color before the brow highlight. I used MAC Whirl lipstick on my lips and a little bit of MAC Evening Rendezvous on the center of the lips and a bit on the outer corners. Please like the post and subscribe! Thanks a lot!  


Purple Poppin

I did a mainly purple eye makeup look today and added bold colors in my crease to intensify the look. I love the bold shades, it’s very pretty I must say 😙☺️😍 

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Pretty in Pink

Happy Monday! I wanted to start off the week with a fresh look that is simple and pretty. I used all different shades of pink to achieve this look and a purple eyeliner in my water line and outer lash line. I added a pop of teal on the inner corners along my lash line. I paired it with a basic lip (MAC Paramount and MAC Styled in Sepia). Let me know if you guys wanna see more simple looks! ☺️😉😊




Peacock Princess

Happy Friday! Today, I went for a bright, colorful peacock inspired look that I saw on Beautylish. I used a vibrant yellow in the inner corner of my eyes, an acid green eyeshadow in the middle of my eyes and a teal color in the outer corner of the eyes, blended into the crease. I also used a royal blue eyeshadow in my crease as well. For the lips, I LOVE purple lipstick so I used MAC Punk Couture mixed with Makeup Forever Intense Rouge lipstick in #14. If u have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thanks for viewing!






Grey Eyeshadow with Bold, Purple Lips

Hey loves! I saw this makeup look/idea on YouTube and wanted to try it on myself. It’s a grey, shimmery eyeshadow on the lids with a light purple and pink in the crease. I smoked it out a touch on the lower lash line with a touch of dark gray and black eyeshadow. The eyes are actually not as dark as it may appear in the pictures (by the away). I used Makeup Forever rouge intense lipstick in #15. I absolutely love this lipstick color! Thanks for viewing!





Tropical Fantasy using the I-Divine Acid Sleek Palette

Here’s a bold, colorful look for you guys! I really had fun using the vibrant colors in this palette! The sleek palettes are drugstore makeup sold in the UK. I bought my palette on EBay for about $14 I believe. The colors are funky and bright! There are some matte shades and a couple of shimmery textured eyeshadows in the palette. I loves it! I used MAC Paramount lipstick for the dark lip and MAC Styled in Sepia lipstick for the nude lip. Tell me what you think about the look and if you’ve tried any of the Sleek palettes before. Thanks for viewing!