Fireworks Eye Makeup

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I did a colorful look today with some sparkle and glitter, and it reminded me of fireworks. It’s a great look for a party and it’s fun and flirty. I used green,blue, pink, pink bronze, and a dark purple eyeshadow to achieve this look.


Here are the products I used:

MAC Pink Bronze pigment – inner corner of my eyes

LA Colors Glitter liner in gold – Applied over the MAC Pink Bronze on the inner corners of my eyes

MAC Beauty Marked – All over the lid

Facefront Cosmetics artistic pigment in Motivate Me – Applied wet to the center of my lids to highlight the purple eyeshadow

Sugarpill Dollipop eyeshadow – outer part of my crease

Facefront Cosmetics artistic pigment in Pow Bam Wow – Applied to the center of the crease

MAC Shimmermoss – Inner part of the crease and slightly above it

Lips – I’m wearing NYX mega shine lip gloss in Golden Bronze

Thanks for viewing! Also, here’s my makeup from a couple of days ago….


Sultry, Purple Smoky Eyes

Hey guys! Today, I had an interview at Macy’s for a beauty advisor position. I’ve been on a couple of interviews so far for cosmetics jobs, but haven’t landed a job in that field yet. I decided to do a purple smoky look, since I think purple really looks good on my eyes and works well with my skin tone. I think the interview went very well, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope something with come thru. Wish me luck!

Sexy Beach Eyes

Happy Friday! I was planning on goin to the beach today with a few friends, but the weather is lookin really sucky right now, smh. Anyway, I wanted to do a beach-inspired eye makeup look that has blue, green, gold, bronze and some brown in it. I know a lot of you guys probably won’t wear a face full of makeup to the beach, but it’s a good idea for a beach party or something. Since the weather has been really warm these last couple of days in NY, I’ve been staying away from wearing foundation on my face. I have oily skin, so I don’t want my face to be too packed with makeup. I want my skin to be able to breathe a bit, so I just have some tinted moisturizer on my face with some powder. I have dark, acne scars on my face as well, so I always cover that up with some concealer. Anyway, here’s the overall look…I hope guys like!


Pink Lemonade Eye Makeup

Hey guys! It’s scorching hot outside in NY today! It’s supposed to reach a high of 97 degrees and it’s so uncomfortable outside. I’m so glad I have an AC in my home, so that’s great. I also got a tan and the summer just started…yay! Anyway, today I felt like doin a girly look with pinks, purples and yellow eyeshadows. It’s a great look for the summertime and it’s a pretty simple look. You need two different shades of pink eyeshadows, a dark purple eyeshadow and a yellow eyeshadow or pigment for the center of your lids. I used the BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette, and I must say, the colors are growing on me. It’s a pretty decent palette and I find that it works best if you have a cream color base on your lids before you apply the eyeshadows. Thanks for viewing today’s look and please comment if you have any questions or suggestions. Enjoy ur day!

Shades of Gray

Hello, everyone! Happy Father’s Day! I hope y’all are enjoying ur Sunday so far ūüôā¬† I did a gray eyeshadow look today, using four different shades of gray. The darkest gray was applied to the lower lid and then faded into a lighter gray shade. You can use whatever gray eyeshadows you have, so the brand doesn’t really matter. I used MAC eyeshadows and a silver-gold pigment on my lids to brighten the look. Gray can make your eyes look kinda dull, so you gotta add a little light or sparkle to it. For my lips, I used a NYX mega shine lip gloss in Golden Mauve. These lip glosses are really pigmented and they are like a lipstick and lip gloss in one. I REALLY love the Golden Mauve lip gloss cuz it’s such a pretty color! It’s a lavender color mixed with some gold undertones. Anyway, that’s Sunday’s look…I hope you enjoyed it!


Color Shock!

So…as you can see, this is a bright and colorful look! I used all matte eyeshadow pigments that I bought on Ebay. I also used a little pink glitter on the inner portion of my lids to give it more drama. I got a set of 10 bright eyeshadow pigments for $10! That’s a pretty good deal! These pigments are super pigmented and you don’t have to keep re-applying it to get the color intensity you want. The texture of these pigments aren’t creamy at all, but it wasn’t difficult to blend. The blue pigment that I used in this look gave me some issues because the color started to fade out very quickly, it’s hard to explain. Overall, these colors are great for the summertime to create festive, vibrant looks. The name of these pigments are MYO Ultra Bright Eyeshadow pigments, just in case if you wanna purchase them on Ebay. I’m definitely satisfied with my purchase because it was cheap and the colors are very pigmented. My eyes weren’t irritated after putting them on cuz it’s a mineral makeup and aren’t harsh on the eyes. Anyway, this was the look I created with these pigments and I’ll be doin more looks for the summer! Thanks for viewing!

Friday’s Eye Makeup: Purple and then some!

Hey guys! I didn’t have a name to call this look, so it’s a mix of purple and some other colors in the mix. I absolutely love purple, so here’s another purple look!

Products Used:

MAC Deep Purple pigment on the lids

MAC Beauty Marked on the lids

MAC Passionate in my crease

MAC Orange pigment above my crease

Facefront Cosmetics Gear Box in the inner corners of my eyes

Facefront Cosmetics Seaing Green on my lower lash line

Enjoy ur Friday!

Earthy Makeup Look Using Facefront Cosmetics

Hey, everyone! I recently purchased two eyeshadow pigments from Facefront¬†Cosmetics because they were having a warehouse sale, earlier this week. I got the eyeshadow pigment called Julie’s Revenge, which is an orange-gold color and I bought Nylon Garden, which is an olive¬†color with gold reflects. I got these pigments for a pretty good price, I got them for $4.25 and $6.25, respectively. I really love Facefront¬†Cosmetics artistic pigments because they’re very pigmented and easy to apply. Pigments can get very messy tho, so that’s why it’s best to use a small amount on a flat shading brush when you are applying it to the lid. For this look, I used Julie’s Revenge on my lid and Nylon Garden in my crease. I also used NARS Night Porter, which is a forest green color, in the outer part of my crease to give the look a little more depth. I added some Kiss false lashes to make the look more sexy.

For my lips, I decided to try another color, since the blue lips were a big hit. I didn’t quite like the green lips as much, but it worked well with the eyes. I used a emerald¬†glimmerstick liner from Avon to line and fill in my lips, then used Iman’s orange lipstick to lighten the lips a bit and to give some contrast.

For the look without the green lips, I used MAC Get Rich Quick dazzleglass. I used NYX Cinnamon blush on my cheeks and MAC Golden Bronze iridescent loose powder as my highlight color on my cheeks and nose.

I hope you guys will try out some pigments and some of the other great stuff Facefront has to offer…they’re way more affordable than MAC!

P.S. Facefront Cosmetics, as well as a couple of other brands, are selling their cosmetics for a discounted price on discontinued items on Check that website out, too! Have a wonderful day!

Spring & Flirty!

Hey guys! Today’s makeup was inspired by a look I came across online. There’s some pink, gold, purple and black eyeshadow and blue eyeliner¬†in the pic I re-created, so here’s my version of the look. Color is great for the Spring and this look is colorful, but not over done (In my opinion).

Here are the products I used:

MAC Vivid Pink eyeshadow pigment in the inner one third of my eyes

MAC Star Bronze eyeshadow pigment in the center of my eyes

MAC Carbon on the Outer V of my eyes

MAC Creme de Violet in my crease

MAC Helium eyeshadow pigment in the inner corners of my eyes

I used a NYX candy glitter in Pink on the outer half of my lower lash line and a blue eyeliner in the inner half of my lower lashline. U can always add falsies to spice up this look a little more.

On my face, I’m wearing Lola’s Sheer liquid foundation in Golden Honey with powder over it.

My cheeks – NYX Desert Rose Blush

Lips РNYX Shocking Pink matte lipstick with NYX mega shine gloss in Oro.

Have a great Wednesday! Please leave comments on looks you will like me to do. I will love to try out different looks, so don’t be afraid to ask! Thanks a bunch!

Multi-Colored Smoky Eyes

Hey y’all! I hope you guys are having a¬†good Monday so far (yea I know, Mondays suck!). So, today’s makeup is a smoky look, using MAC Vibrant Grape eyeshadow on my lids, MAC Deep Truth in my crease, and MAC Shimmermoss¬†above my crease. I also used an artistic pigment from Facefront¬†Cosmetics called Hyper Viper, which is a purple-brown pigment with green reflects (so pretty!). If you haven’t tried Facefront Cosmetics, y’all should purchase something now from their website: They’re having a warehouse sale and are selling some really pretty pigments for a discounted price ($4.25 and up). I really do love Facefront¬†pigments cuz they’re pigmented and intense, without spending a fortune that you will spend at MAC for pigments. Anyway, I smoked out the look by using some MAC Feline eyeliner and a matte black eyeshadow in the outer edges and lower lash line. I really love this look, it looks really pretty, especially on bigger eyes like mine ūüôā I used NYX mega shine lip gloss in Copper penny and a pink blush on my cheeks. I started using a new foundation from MAC called Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, which I’m loving so far!! I will most likely do a review on it, so watch out for that!