Happy Wednesday! Here’s my look from today 😄😀😊☺️😎

From natural to bedazzled! 😍   

ELF eyeshadow palette in Beautiful Browns 

Hey, beauties! Today, I wanted a quick, easy to do makeup look and decided to use my Elf eyeshadow palette in Beautiful Browns. I got this palette for a dollar at the Dollar Tree and I must say I like the quality of the shadows! It was easy to blend, the color intensity was pretty good and it was inexpensive! I love a good deal! Please let me know if any of you have tried this palette before. Thanks for viewing! 

Last pic is of yesterday’s eye makeup look 

Keepin it Simple but Sexy

Hey guys! I did a simple eye makeup look today (simple to me lol) using a white eyeshadow base for multi colors. I used a peach, shimmery shade in the inner portion of my eyes, a pastel green for the middle of the eyelids and a purple shimmer and a purple matte for the outer portion of the eyes. In the crease, I used a matte soft blue shade, a forest green in the center of the eyes and some gray mixed into the crease. I used MAC Stars N Rockets as a transition shade. I hope u guys like this colorful, yet not in ur face, eye makeup look! Enjoy! 


Lilac Delight

Happy Monday! I did a subtle, spring eye makeup look today. I used a teal shade in the inner corners of my eyes and a purple in the middle and outer portion of my eyes. I smoked out the crease with some matte gray eyeshadow and some blue eyeshadow. I really like the look with my pastel purple lips. Tell me what u think! 



Color A-maz-ing!

Happy Monday! I went for a bold, colorful spring look for today with vibrant greens, blues, red and pinks, and shades of grey. I must say that my eyes look way better in person cuz the eyeshadows I used had a nice reflect. Anyway here’s the look and a couple of pics of my more natural look from yesterday! 

Sabi ft. Wale “Where They Do That At” Music Video Inspired Makeup

Hey guys! Today’s look is inspired by the Sabi ft. Wale video, “Where They Do That At.” I really liked her makeup in this video because her makeup artist used neutral-toned colors and created a smoky, sultry look. Her lower lash line had a white/silver eyeliner or eyeshadow and it makes her eyes illuminate! This is my interpretation of the look, I don’t know exactly what was on her face or what products she used, so this is what I came up with. Thank for viewing!

Products I Used:

Sleek Au Naturel Palette – I used the light gray eyeshadow as a background color in my crease and the cream, metallic eyeshadow as my brow highlight

NARS Coconut Grove – Used in my Outer V, along with a black matte eyeshadow to create a smoky effect

MAC Dark Indulgence Mineralized Eyeshadow – Used in the outer half of my crease and on outer half of the lower lash line

Facefront Cosmetics Gear Box artistic pigment – Used on the center of my lids and in the inner corners, as well as lower lash line

MAC Honesty – Applied on the lids

Facefront Cosmetics Hyper Viper artistic pigment – Used a small amount and applied it on the center of my lids to give it more of a sparkle.