Gunmetal Diva

Hey, beauties! I felt like doing a gray eyeshadow look today, using a dark, matte gray and a gunmetal eyeshadow from MAC called Knight’s Divine. I used a mauve and brown eyeshadow on my crease from my Tartelette matte palette. I hope u guys like the look and will try it out on yourselves!



Lilac Delight

Happy Monday! I did a subtle, spring eye makeup look today. I used a teal shade in the inner corners of my eyes and a purple in the middle and outer portion of my eyes. I smoked out the crease with some matte gray eyeshadow and some blue eyeshadow. I really like the look with my pastel purple lips. Tell me what u think! 



Purple Poppin

I did a mainly purple eye makeup look today and added bold colors in my crease to intensify the look. I love the bold shades, it’s very pretty I must say 😙☺️😍 

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Color A-maz-ing!

Happy Monday! I went for a bold, colorful spring look for today with vibrant greens, blues, red and pinks, and shades of grey. I must say that my eyes look way better in person cuz the eyeshadows I used had a nice reflect. Anyway here’s the look and a couple of pics of my more natural look from yesterday! 

Spring, Boom!

Hey beauties! I wanted to do a look today that was bold and colorful, very reminiscent of spring. In NY, it is cold as hell and snowing every two seconds and I just can’t wait for the warm weather to come! I love the springtime and I’m sure a lot of you do too! I used some pinks, lime green, blues and grays to achieve this look. I used Milani Intense liquid eyeliner in #10 (blue liner) and a purple eyeliner from Milani as well (forgot the number). Anyway, this is the finished look! I loves it ☺️😊😍💋💋💞😇🍃💐💐🌷🌻🌺

Cobalt blue eyes and Plump, purple lips 

Happy Friday!!!! I got some more beautiful colors today on my eyes, mainly blue, some greens and some pink and lavender. It’s a dark look but has some light reflects in the center of my eyes with a pastel shade of green. I added some light sea blue eyeshadow to the inner corner of my eyes to open them up more. I mixed three lipsticks together to get a medium toned purple lip. Anyway, I love the look cuz it goes well with my hair lol 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below! Have a great Friday! ☺️😜😋😎