Emerald Green and Purple

Hey loves! I didn’t feel like doing a super complex eye makeup look today. I wanted to stick with two colors and work with them. I added a matte purple in the crease and three different shades and textures of green on the lids. I smoked out the corners a bit with some black eyeshadow. There u go! If u have any questions about the products used, please feel free to comment below! Thanks for viewing! 



Midnight Passion lipstick Β 

Happy Friday! I went to a local cosmetics counter today in Jamaica, NY and got my eyebrows done, as well as purchasing a couple of items! I didn’t buy any eyeshadows today unfortunately, but I got a pretty, dark purple lipstick and a lavender shade lip gloss as well. The name of the cosmetic and skincare line is called Interskin Cosmetics. The shade that I bought in the lipstick is Midnight Passion. It is very similar to MAC Punk Couture, but it is a little darker in color and not as matte. I really do like the color a lot, but to me it is more of a fall/winter lipstick color. However, you can definitely rock this lipstick with some neutral eyes or a bold eye like mine, depending on your taste. (pardon the concealer that wasn’t blended in well on my nose!). Anyway, let me know what u guys think!