Changing Leaves in the Fall

Happy Monday! I wanted to do a fall inspired look for you guys that is not the standard gold eyeshadow with brown in the crease and a matte, dark lip. I’m a color girl, so I went for a purple eyeshadow and a green shade in the center and inner corners of my eyes. I smoked out the crease with some matte brown eyeshadow in the outer corners and mixed two orange shades for my transition color. This is the finished look! Since there’s a lot of color on the eyes, pair this look with a matte, nude lip! Thanks for viewing!


Emerald Green and Purple

Hey loves! I didn’t feel like doing a super complex eye makeup look today. I wanted to stick with two colors and work with them. I added a matte purple in the crease and three different shades and textures of green on the lids. I smoked out the corners a bit with some black eyeshadow. There u go! If u have any questions about the products used, please feel free to comment below! Thanks for viewing! 



Green Glow

Hey, darlings! This is my look from today and yesterday, using bright and more subtle shades of green. Have a great weekend!


Day to After Work Play

Hey guys! Here are two looks that can be worn during the day and for after work hours. Everyone’s makeup routine is different, but if u want a spicy look, try to incorporate a little color or shimmer to your daily look! 


Tropical Eyes

I was in a green eyeshadow mood today so I used different shades of green and smoked out the crease with some purple and pink. 


Surfboard Diva Eye Makeup

   Products Used:

Smashbox BB cream in Dark

Urban Decay Solstice on the inner and center of my eyelids

Urban Decay Scorpio eyeshadow on the outer corner of my eyelids

Manly Palette (bought it on EBay) I used a mix of the light and dark matte greens and used shades of blue mixed together on the outer crease

I used a matte brown eyeshadow and a matte purple eyeshadow in the center of my crease – black on the outer corners of my eyes