Midnight Passion lipstick Ā 

Happy Friday! I went to a local cosmetics counter today in Jamaica, NY and got my eyebrows done, as well as purchasing a couple of items! I didn’t buy any eyeshadows today unfortunately, but I got a pretty, dark purple lipstick and a lavender shade lip gloss as well. The name of the cosmetic and skincare line is called Interskin Cosmetics. The shade that I bought in the lipstick is Midnight Passion. It is very similar to MAC Punk Couture, but it is a little darker in color and not as matte. I really do like the color a lot, but to me it is more of a fall/winter lipstick color. However, you can definitely rock this lipstick with some neutral eyes or a bold eye like mine, depending on your taste. (pardon the concealer that wasn’t blended in well on my nose!). Anyway, let me know what u guys think! 



Gunmetal Diva

Hey, beauties! I felt like doing a gray eyeshadow look today, using a dark, matte gray and a gunmetal eyeshadow from MAC called Knight’s Divine. I used a mauve and brown eyeshadow on my crease from my Tartelette matte palette. I hope u guys like the look and will try it out on yourselves!



Bedroom Eyes – Sultry and Seductive

Hey beauties! Here is another look for this week that I call, “Bedroom sexy.” For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I love a lot of shade and drama! (On my eyes, of course šŸ˜‰ ) I created a dark, grey smoky eye with little hints of orange and a pink/purple shade in the mix. I darkened the crease using a matte black and grey eye shadow combo to achieve this look. I also added some grey pressed pigment on the lid, mixed with a little gold. This look is PERFECT for a date night with your boo or for going out on a date and wanting to go for a sexy look. I used a soft purple lipstickĀ (MAC Up the Amp) on my lips. I’m definitely feeling the dark eyes and drama that this look is giving… it definitely made me feel sexy! Please like this look and comment! Thanks for viewing!! FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (1)

Colorfully Sexy with the BH Cosmetics 88 Color Palette Shimmer Eyeshadow

So, I’ve been using my BH Cosmetics 88 Color Palette of Shimmer Eyeshadows a lot more recently. I didn’t really like this palette at first, because I felt like the eyeshadows weren’t pigmented enough and the texture of these eyeshadows were a bit on the chalky side. After using it a couple of more times, I realized that some of the colors are more pigmented than others in this palette. I mainly explored the green eyeshadows, purple, black and gold eyeshadows so far and I really like these shades. They were pigmented and easy to blend, so I really liked that. I got this palette for $13 from the BH Cosmetics website, and I really feel like this palette is pretty good for its price. It’s great for people who are new to makeup and wanna explore different colors. A pro makeup artist can definitely benefit from this palette as well. Anyway, here are the looks that I came up with from using some of the colors in this palette. Thanks for viewing!


The Real Bad Gal

Today’s makeup is dark and edgy, with a pop of color with the blue liner and orange lips. I purchased the Morange lipstick color from MAC a couple of days ago, and just received it in the mail today. It’s a bold, vibrant orange color, that will look good on any skin tone. I think it will especially look good on tanned skin. It’s a great color for the summer, and it’s a change from your standard pink lipstick. MAC was offering free 2nd-day shipping last week, so I took advantage of that.

Here are the products that I used:

MAC Beauty Marked – Used in my crease

MAC Brown Down – Used as a background color for my crease

MAC Blue Brown pigment – Applied on my lids

MAC Morange lipstick