Changing Leaves in the Fall

Happy Monday! I wanted to do a fall inspired look for you guys that is not the standard gold eyeshadow with brown in the crease and a matte, dark lip. I’m a color girl, so I went for a purple eyeshadow and a green shade in the center and inner corners of my eyes. I smoked out the crease with some matte brown eyeshadow in the outer corners and mixed two orange shades for my transition color. This is the finished look! Since there’s a lot of color on the eyes, pair this look with a matte, nude lip! Thanks for viewing!


It’s Saturday!

Here’s my glamorous makeup for today!!! 


Day to After Work Play

Hey guys! Here are two looks that can be worn during the day and for after work hours. Everyone’s makeup routine is different, but if u want a spicy look, try to incorporate a little color or shimmer to your daily look! 


Egyptian Dance Queen

Hey guys! I decided to change up the colors I usually use on my eyes and go for some gold eyeshadow tones. It’s a very simple but cute look, and great for a party. I used MAC Mystique and MAC Amber Lights on the eyelids and used some matte brown shades in the crease, along with MAC Antiqued. I also added a hint of blue in the crease but it doesn’t show up much in the pics. I used a pink shade as my transitional color from my crease to the brow highlight. On the lower lash line, I wanted a bold blue to make the eyes pop a little more so I added a aqua blue eyeshadow. That’s the look! Any questions or comments? Please feel free to leave one below. Have a great day!!! 😊😎☺️😋


Chocolate Strawberry Soufflé

Hey guys! I went for a simple but sexy, neutral look today. I used MAC Carribean pressed eyeshadow pigment, MAC Star Violet eyeshadow and MAC Gilt by Association pressed eyeshadow pigment. I also used my Tartelette matte palette. I used the mauve color in my crease and the brown in the outer corners of my eyes and slightly into my crease. The pretty purple eyeliner is from Milani. I used a brown lip liner from Milani on my lips with MAC Heroine lipstick. Thumbs up if you like the look!

Blue Lagoon

This is my Friday’s makeup! A glitter green eyeshadow from Urban Decay in the inner part of my eye, NARS Outremer eyeshadow in the center and NARS Night clubbing in the outer corner. I used a matte gray eyeshadow in my crease and a soft pink transition color from the Sleek Acid palette. Don’t forget to like!