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Carribean Nights

Hey guys! I went out to a dinner with friends and wanted to rock a dark, colorful and sultry eye. Here’s the final result! I loved it 😍😍😍

Any questions on the products used or on how to get the look? Comment below 📝

Beyonce’s Party Video Inspired Makeup

Hey, my fellow beauty people! I wanted to do a look I’ve done before that was super pretty and got me a lot of compliments. I was inspired to do this look after seeing the Beyonce, “Party” video awhile ago. Beyonce had more of a fierce eye look in the video that was more cat-eyed, but I went for what I thought looked best on my eyes. You can do this look for a party or a special occasion where you just wanna look super hot. For me, I wear these looks on a daily basis and don’t really care about whether it’s too dramatic or not. I’m very daring when it comes to my eye makeup! Anyway, please leave some feedback on the look and I hope y’all will like it. Thanks!

Products Used:

Goldilux eyeshadow pigment from SugarPill cosmetics mixed with Body Bling eyeshadow pigment in Bronze Gold – Applied with flat shading brush to the center of my eyes

NARS Night Porter – Applied on the inner one-third of my lid and the outer one-third of my lid. Also, I applied this color to my crease.

NARS Coconut Grove – Applied on the Outer V of my eyes and swept it in to my crease. Blended the NARS Night Porter with NARS Coconut Grove.

MAC Creme de Violet – Used as my transition color, above my crease.

I used these same colors on my lower lash line, and added a bright purple Urban Decay shadow to the inner half of my lower lash line. I added a bit of blue to this look by using a NYX Studio liner in Extreme blue on the outer corner of my eyes.

Anyway, that’s it….Oh, one more thing 🙂  I added a NYX gold cream glitter to the center of my eyes, just to give it that extra pop…especially if you go out to a party, your eyes will sparkle and illuminate the room!