Bedroom Eyes – Sultry and Seductive

Hey beauties! Here is another look for this week that I call, “Bedroom sexy.” For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I love a lot of shade and drama! (On my eyes, of course šŸ˜‰ ) I created a dark, grey smoky eye with little hints of orange and a pink/purple shade in the mix. I darkened the crease using a matte black and grey eye shadow combo to achieve this look. I also added some grey pressed pigment on the lid, mixed with a little gold. This look is PERFECT for a date night with your boo or for going out on a date and wanting to go for a sexy look. I used a soft purple lipstickĀ (MAC Up the Amp) on my lips. I’m definitely feeling the dark eyes and drama that this look is giving… it definitely made me feel sexy! Please like this look and comment! Thanks for viewing!! FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (1)

Exotic Fruit

Hey guys! I was inspired to do this look from an editorial look I came across online. I was looking for ethnic makeup looks and I was mesmerized by this pic! Her makeup was bright and gorgeous, and I just love colorful looks! However, I didn’t have the same exact colors that were used for the look, but I did my best with what I have. If you have any questions about this look, please leave a comment. Thanks!


15-Minute Makeup Look: Egyptian Beauty

Hey, everyone! Today, I did another 15-minute makeup look that is colorful, but not over the top. The colors are very warm and go very well with darker skin tones. I also got a layered bob haircut today, so I was excited about my new look! Having shorter hair really is great for the summer time and it’s easier to manage. Anyway, I hope you like the makeup look and my new haircut!

Products Used:

MAC Hepcat – Using a small tapered blending brush, I blended this color into my crease

MAC Stars n’ Rockets – Using the same brush, I swept this color above my crease as my transition color.

MAC Shockaholic – I deepened my crease color by adding some purple eyeshadow to my crease, on the outer portion.

MAC Antiqued – Applied all over my lids with a flat shading brush. (You can use MAC 239 brush)

I used a navy blue eyeliner from NYX on my lower lash line.

For my lips, I used MAC Morange lipstick with a little bit of coral lip gloss from LA Colors.

I used a soft, berry blush on my cheeks. That completes the look! Thanks for viewing!


Makeup on Rewind

Hey girlies! I hope you guys are enjoying ur week. Here are pics of my makeup from this week. If u have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thanks and Happy Friday!


Color Me Beautiful

Hey guys! My makeup for today is colorful, but not too crazy lol. I used gold, pink, purple and green eyeshadows to achieve this look. My eye makeup came out a little darker than I wanted it to, but it’s still pretty. It’s a great look for a party or a get together with friends and family. I used the BH Cosmetics 88 Shimmer Palette for some of the eyeshadows in this look. Overall, I think this palette has some very nice colors, BUT they’re not as pigmented as I would like them to be. I used a black base for the eyeshadows, and the color intensity wasn’t there. I had to keep building with the eyeshadow colors to get some decent pigmentation. I recommend this palette for people who like to play with color, but don’t like a super bold color payoff. If you like a more subtle effect, purchase one of the BH Cosmetics palette. I also purchased the Party girl palette from BH Cosmetics, but it has not arrived yet. I will be doin some looks from that palette as well, so watch out for that.

Back to the makeup….You can also wear a bold red lip for this look because I think it will work well with the eye makeup. I tend to stick to a neutral toned lips because I don’t want too much color on my face. Anyway, that’s Saturday’s look. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Saturday!