Tantalizing Teal

Happy Monday! It’s officially summer now and the weather is super hot in NY! If you’re looking to try some colors for the summer in ur makeup look, this is the perfect time to experiment! I know bold colors don’t look good on all people and sometimes it can make you look like a clown. However, the key is to find the right shade of color that will compliment your skin tone and ur style. There’s different shades of all colors that u can try and now they make eyeshadows in all shades of colors and textures. I felt like doing a blue teal look today and I used hints of lime green and pink to finish the look. I used a neutral color matte lip. I love matte lips for the summer! 


Technicolor By Make Up Forever

Urban Decay Electric Palette

Urban Decay Solstice eyeshadow (inner corners of the eyes and a little on the center)

Laura Geller baked eyeshadow in Stainless Teal

MAC Dazzleshadow in Try Me On

MAC Whirl matte lipstick 

MAC Fix Plus Spray in Lavender Scent 

Thanks for viewing!



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