Summer Sweet

Happy Memorial Day! I was planning to do a Memorial Day theme makeup tutorial, but I decided to go for something less cliché. I definitely wanted to incorporate some blues in my look for today, as well as a magenta color in my outer crease. I created a summertime makeup look, using different eyeshadow textures. Since my eye makeup is bold, I went for a neutral lip color, using MAC Verve and MAC Taupe. Any questions? Feel free to comment below! Enjoy!



6 thoughts on “Summer Sweet

      • Yes YouTube is a makeup newbies dream! I just need to sit down and practice practice practice without getting totally frustrated. And dont get me started on applying false lashes!

      • Yes, just try one makeup look each day like applying liquid liner and then work ur way up to more challenging looks
        Girl, I can barely apply false lashes and I hardly wear them cuz my eyes are sensitive to them

      • My eyes water so badly that the glue wont stick. I end up giving up for a few months before trying again. I will try doing one look a day like you suggested though. Thanks!

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