Black Magic! – Smoky and Sexy

Happy Friday!!! Today, I did a dark blue eye makeup look with some purple and brown mixed in my crease. I also did a little shopping at Ulta today and I bought the Laura Geller The Wearables baked shadow palette (makeup looks coming soon! I’m excited to try them out!) and the Laura Geller Stainless Teal baked eyeshadow. After purchasing those two items, I got three free gifts at the check out! I got a Laura Geller baked blush, a gel eyeliner and a mascara! I was so happy! U guys might wanna consider trying these products out. I added a pop of color, using my fingertip, on the center of my eyelids (using the Stainless Teal eyeshadow). This color is so gorgeous! Anyway, this is the look for today and I also included yesterday’s look at the end. Thanks for viewing, my fellow beauty lovers! 😍😘💋😎👸🏽💖👏🏽




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