Surfboard Diva Eye Makeup

   Products Used:

Smashbox BB cream in Dark

Urban Decay Solstice on the inner and center of my eyelids

Urban Decay Scorpio eyeshadow on the outer corner of my eyelids

Manly Palette (bought it on EBay) I used a mix of the light and dark matte greens and used shades of blue mixed together on the outer crease

I used a matte brown eyeshadow and a matte purple eyeshadow in the center of my crease – black on the outer corners of my eyes


2 thoughts on “Surfboard Diva Eye Makeup

  1. Beautiful as always! I’ve been attending fashion shows around here and have seen a lot of exotic makeup work. I hope I can find someone like you around here to partner up with to do the makeup for photoshoots

    • Thank u, sweetheart! Yea, not a lot of ppl are willing to try creative, bold makeup because most ppl like “safe” makeup looks but I’m sure there is at least one person in ur town that is talented and creative! Good luck 😊☺️

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