Tartelette Matte Palette

Hey, beauties! I bought the Tartelette palette yesterday at Sephora. I was drawn to the creaminess of the eyeshadows and the different neutral shades it has in the palette. The color intensity seemed very pigmented when I dabbed at the shadows with my finger. However, i noticed that the eyeshadows weren’t as pigmented as I thought when I applied it. It was definitely noticeable, but I had to use a small brush to pack on the color a bit more. I must say that the colors were easy to blend and it took me about 20 minutes to complete the look. I’ll definitely recommend this palette just as a good neutral palette for an everyday work look or for a soft, smoky eye. I might be a little bias cuz I love bold, colorful looks but I’ll definitely use this palette again. I spent $43 for the palette so I’ll mAke good use of it! Lol. I hope u guys like the neutral smoky eye look I created!






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