Sultry, Green Eyes for Work

Do you ever get tired of wearing neutral colored eyeshadow to work? Well, I know I do. Since I love makeup and color so much, I cannot stick to the same old, boring neutral eyes for work. Even if you work in a professional setting, nothing is wrong with adding a bit of color to your look. The key thing is to not overdo it. Anyway, I decided to do an olive-green makeup look that has a touch of smokiness to it. I didn’t want it to be too dramatic, so I toned down on the black eyeshadow. I used three different shades of green and a dark blue eyeshadow along my lash line. This look is simple to re-create; all you need is a blending brush and a pencil brush for this look. You can use one or more eyeshadows, but using more than one eyeshadow will give your eyes a little more dimension. I hope this will give you guys some ideas for makeup to wear to work. Even if you do decide to stick with the neutral eyes, you can add a pop of color by using a colored eyeliner pencil on your upper and/or lower lash line. Thanks for viewing!



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