15-Minute Makeup Look: Egyptian Beauty

Hey, everyone! Today, I did another 15-minute makeup look that is colorful, but not over the top. The colors are very warm and go very well with darker skin tones. I also got a layered bob haircut today, so I was excited about my new look! Having shorter hair really is great for the summer time and it’s easier to manage. Anyway, I hope you like the makeup look and my new haircut!

Products Used:

MAC Hepcat – Using a small tapered blending brush, I blended this color into my crease

MAC Stars n’ Rockets – Using the same brush, I swept this color above my crease as my transition color.

MAC Shockaholic – I deepened my crease color by adding some purple eyeshadow to my crease, on the outer portion.

MAC Antiqued – Applied all over my lids with a flat shading brush. (You can use MAC 239 brush)

I used a navy blue eyeliner from NYX on my lower lash line.

For my lips, I used MAC Morange lipstick with a little bit of coral lip gloss from LA Colors.

I used a soft, berry blush on my cheeks. That completes the look! Thanks for viewing!



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