MAC Lip & Cheek Colour in Evening Stroll

Hey girlies! Yesterday, I made a stop at the MAC counter, after I finished my interview at Macy’s. I wanted to get a new eyeshadow and just wanted to check out the latest items from MAC. I came across a lip and cheek colour in a light purple color and I had to see how it looked on my lips! It’s a great color for the summer, and it’s a change from wearing pink or coral lips all the time. I love to experiment with color, so I went ahead and tried it on. I really liked how it looked on my lips and how it complimented my skin tone. I think this will look good on most skin tones, especially if you’re light to tan skinned. This is an awesome product because it’s 2 for 1. You can wear it on your lips or your cheeks. It’s not heavy like a lipstick, more soft in texture like lip balm. It doesn’t go on matte on the lips, it has a little sheen to it. I think it looks a little better with a small hint of lip gloss over it. I haven’t worn it on my cheeks as yet, but I will give it a try. I think it will look great with dark, smoky eyes. MAC Evening stroll casual colour and cheek colour cost me $20. It comes in a flat pot, which is like their eye primer containers. The color is really pigmented, and a little goes a long way. Since this color is on the light side, it can wash out your face and lips a bit, so I suggest putting on a dab. I mixed this product with a pink lipstick, so it wouldn’t look so pale on my lips. Anyway, I hope you like my overall look and maybe y’all will consider buying this product! I’m feelin it!


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