Sexy Beach Eyes

Happy Friday! I was planning on goin to the beach today with a few friends, but the weather is lookin really sucky right now, smh. Anyway, I wanted to do a beach-inspired eye makeup look that has blue, green, gold, bronze and some brown in it. I know a lot of you guys probably won’t wear a face full of makeup to the beach, but it’s a good idea for a beach party or something. Since the weather has been really warm these last couple of days in NY, I’ve been staying away from wearing foundation on my face. I have oily skin, so I don’t want my face to be too packed with makeup. I want my skin to be able to breathe a bit, so I just have some tinted moisturizer on my face with some powder. I have dark, acne scars on my face as well, so I always cover that up with some concealer. Anyway, here’s the overall look…I hope guys like!



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