Pink Lemonade Eye Makeup

Hey guys! It’s scorching hot outside in NY today! It’s supposed to reach a high of 97 degrees and it’s so uncomfortable outside. I’m so glad I have an AC in my home, so that’s great. I also got a tan and the summer just started…yay! Anyway, today I felt like doin a girly look with pinks, purples and yellow eyeshadows. It’s a great look for the summertime and it’s a pretty simple look. You need two different shades of pink eyeshadows, a dark purple eyeshadow and a yellow eyeshadow or pigment for the center of your lids. I used the BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette, and I must say, the colors are growing on me. It’s a pretty decent palette and I find that it works best if you have a cream color base on your lids before you apply the eyeshadows. Thanks for viewing today’s look and please comment if you have any questions or suggestions. Enjoy ur day!


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