Cotton Candy Makeup!

Hey girlies! I had a special request from my sister to do an eye makeup look that she came across on Facebook. It’s a bright, summer look and you only need blue and purple eyeshadows. It’s a really simple look that I think anyone can do. In the pic, one woman has the purple eye makeup and another woman has blue eye makeup. I really liked both looks, so I decided to do each look on each of my eyes. After I finished doin my makeup, I realized I looked a little crazy with two different colors on each of my eyes lol. I don’t have anywhere to go today, so I guess I won’t have to deal with any crazy looks from people on the street lol. However, I do like the look so I think you can wear it out if you’re a daring person. Anyway, I hope you like! Thanks for viewing!


Products Used:

Weekend Warrior artistic pigment from Facefront Cosmetics for the purple look

BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette – Used the medium blue and dark purple in the palette for both eyes

NYX Shocking Pink lipstick on my lips



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