Shades of Gray

Hello, everyone! Happy Father’s Day! I hope y’all are enjoying ur Sunday so far 🙂  I did a gray eyeshadow look today, using four different shades of gray. The darkest gray was applied to the lower lid and then faded into a lighter gray shade. You can use whatever gray eyeshadows you have, so the brand doesn’t really matter. I used MAC eyeshadows and a silver-gold pigment on my lids to brighten the look. Gray can make your eyes look kinda dull, so you gotta add a little light or sparkle to it. For my lips, I used a NYX mega shine lip gloss in Golden Mauve. These lip glosses are really pigmented and they are like a lipstick and lip gloss in one. I REALLY love the Golden Mauve lip gloss cuz it’s such a pretty color! It’s a lavender color mixed with some gold undertones. Anyway, that’s Sunday’s look…I hope you enjoyed it!



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