First Look from the BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette

Hey, everyone! I finally got my BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette in the mail yesterday and I was really lookin forward to test driving it. I really like the colors in the palette and they were pretty pigmented when I swatched some of them on my arm. Some of the colors from this palette are dupes of MAC eyeshadows, such as the dark green in this palette (which is very much like MAC Humid), the bright blue in the palette is very reminiscent of one of MAC’s blue eyeshadows and a couple of other dupes. So, today, I didn’t have a particular look in mind that I wanted to do, I just let my fingers do the work. I used the black, green, blue, bronze, red and orange eyeshadows from this palette to create this look. I thought that the eyeshadows were easy to blend and the pigmentation was pretty good for the price of the palette. The palette was $12! What a great bargain! Anyway, I think you can’t go wrong  with this palette because you get 40 eyeshadows for $12 on the BH Cosmetics website. However, I did notice that the colors start to lose its luminosity after like an hour of wearing it. They weren’t as intense as when they were first applied. If you only plan on wearing your eye makeup for a short time, then you’ll have no worries. I’m used to more high end makeup, so maybe that’s why I found some  issues with it. Overall, I give the palette a 3 out of 5 stars. I really like the colors and they’re easy to blend. Have any of you guys purchased the BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette? Please let me know your opinion on it. Thanks for viewing!



4 thoughts on “First Look from the BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette

    • Yea, the colors are really nice but I noticed that it loses its intensity pretty quickly. I think it will last longer if you have a color base for whatever eyeshadow colors you use. Thanks!

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