Spring Fling Eye Makeup

Hey y’all! The weather in NY for the past couple of days have been scorching hot! It’s so hot and humid outside, so I try not to stay out too long if I don’t have to. I usually tan very easily and don’t wanna get super dark before the summer has officially started! Anyway, the beautiful weather has inspired me to do more Spring/Summer looks with brighter, more vibrant colors. My makeup today is colorful, but it’s not too bright like clown makeup. The colors are flirty and very girly. When I wear a lot of colors on my eyes, I try to make it look more wearable by wearing a neutral color lipstick or lip gloss and subtle blush to compliment the eyes. Makeup is all about experimenting and finding the right colors that work on you. Even if you start off with a color eyeliner, like a green or a blue liner, that can spice up your look if you’re into neutral toned makeup. Don’t be too afraid to play with color, you might just have fun! I used the Sleek Curacao palette and the Manly Palette for this look. Both palettes are pretty affordable (less than $20). You can find these palettes on Ebay. Thanks for viewing and have a wonderful Tuesday!


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