Curl Daze Hair Event in NYC and Friday’s Makeup Pics

Hey guys! I hope you all are havin a great Friday so far! Last night, I attended a hair event that was organized by two female bloggers who have a blog called “Around the Way Curls.” I do not know much about their blog, but I know they write blogs about natural hair as well as other beauty related stuff. Here’s the link to their blog if u wanna check it out:

My sister was the one who invited me to this event because she’s a natural hair gal! Anyway, the event wasn’t what I expected it to be. I thought there was goin to be hair experts there who were gonna talk about all things hair, etc. I also thought that there would be vendors for different hair products and things of that nature, but it was none of the above! It was basically a social gathering of people who have natural hair and people who support the blog. I kinda felt out of place because I have a perm and pretty much every female there had natural hair! However, it was great to see how women of color carried themselves with confidence by showing off their natural hair and not being afraid of their natural coils, kinks and curls that they have. Overall, it was a good event and my sister, her bff and I managed to have a pretty good time! Here are the pics from the event and a couple of pics of today’s makeup look. Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!


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