Green and Glittery Pink Eye Makeup

Hey everyone! Today’s makeup look is colorful, bold and dramatic. I used some dark green, blue, and pink eyeshadows. I added some NYX Candy glitter liner in Pink to the center of my lids to give the look a little more drama (I love my dramatic eyes!). I hope you guys like the look and please let me know what looks you’ll like for me to try out. I will appreciate it!

Green and Glittery Pink Eye Makeup

On another note….

I hope you guys are enjoying your Thursday. I will be attending a hair event tonight in New York City with my sister and her bestie, so I’m excited about that! They’re giving away some free hair products, so my sister is super happy about that. I’m not a big hair person, I’m more into my makeup (as you can see) so it will be a good experience. I plan on taking pics while at the event, so I should be posting my pics later and talking about my overall experience. This event is mainly geared toward women with natural hair. A LOT of women of color have made the transition from relaxed hair to their natural hair, so it will be interesting to see what hair products can be used to maintain a natural hair look. I have not made the transition to natural hair and don’t really plan on doin it anytime soon (I’m addicted to my perm!). However, my sister and her BFF have made the change to natural hair and my sister is really lovin it. I have seen more improvement with her hair, it’s thicker and a little longer. She has tons of hair products for her natural hair, so I do use some of them as well. Who knows, maybe after tonight, I’ll make the switch…or maybe not! Anyway, stay tuned for some pics from the hair event tonight. Thanks for viewing!


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