Summer on My Mind Eye Makeup

Hey everyone! Today, I wanted to do a makeup look I came across while searching the internet for some summer eye makeup looks. Color seems to be the most common trend for the summer time, as well as some golds, silvers and olive toned colors. The look I did today was pretty simple (at least it was to me). I used mostly pigments for this look. I used two different shades of gold pigments, a gray pigment, pink eyeshadow and an olive green pigment. I extended the eyeshadows slightly, outside of my lids to give it a more dramatic effect. The colors I used aren’t too bold, so I think a lot of people will feel comfortable wearing this look out. I used the orange-gold pigment on my lower lid, gray pigment in my crease, pink eyeshadow in my outer crease and the olive green pigment above my crease. Anyway, feel free to comment or to ask me a question. Thanks for viewing!


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