One Must-Have Brush For Any Eye Makeup Look

A lot of people have a hard time shopping for eyeshadow brushes because there are so many different brushes for different techniques, it’s crazy! All of that can get very confusing, really quickly and cost you a lot of money at the same time. If you’re a beginner at makeup or even if you’ve been doing makeup for years now, you”ll find out that there’s really only one brush you need to achieve any eye makeup look.

So, what is the must-have brush you need in your my collection? A tapered blending bush! Any brand of a tapered blending brush will do (whatever works better for you) BUT, I highly recommend the Sigma E-45 Small Tapered Blending Brush.

This brush (on the left) gives you more control with the blending of various eyeshadow colors and textures, and creates a seamless transition with your eyeshadows. The tapered brush is more dense at the bottom and gradually gets smaller toward the tip. With this one brush, you can do almost any eyeshadow look. You can easily create depth by shading in the outer corners of your eyes, what is also known as your outer V, with this brush. You won’t get any of the harsh lines that flat shading brushes can create if you try to do a smoky eye look. All you have to do is point, pack and blend! You angle the brush on area of your eye lid that you want to shade in (like your Outer V or your crease), and with little pressure, you begin to build the color with your tapered blending brush. The tapered blending brush will smooth away any harsh lines that are created when packing on the eyeshadows on the areas of the lid you want them. So, for example, if you have three different eyeshadow colors on your lids that you want to blend together to create a perfect transition, you lightly blend the area where the colors merge together. You’re not going to be heavy-handed while blending, you’re just gonna use soft, “windshield wiper” motions to blend the colors together.

Overall, the one, must-have brush for doing any eye makeup look is a tapered blending brush. The smaller the tip of the brush, the more accurate results you’ll get. It gives you a lot more control than a more fluffy blending brush, so that’s why it’s great for newbies to the makeup game! I’ve been doing my own makeup for a little over five years now, and I ALWAYS use the Sigma small tapered blending brush for my eye makeup routine. Another great blending brush to have in your collection is the ELF Blending Brush. It’s not small and narrow like the tapered blending brush, but it pretty much can do the same thing. The Sigma E-45 brush is only $9 and the ELF Blending Brush is only $1. You can’t go wrong with either!

I know it is difficult to understand exactly how to use this brush for various techniques, so my best advice to you is to watch YouTube videos. I don’t have a high-quality camera or a great editing program to do videos as yet, but I’ll be doing videos hopefully before the end of the year! (if you’re wondering). My three recommendations on Youtube beauty gurus to check out are MakeupbyEman, Julieg713 and Tymetheinfamous. They’re my favs to watch and get ideas from, so maybe they can help y’all too!


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