Friday’s Look: Color Fusion Eye Makeup

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I hope you guys will enjoy your weekend! I will be turning 26 years old on Sunday…yay to me! I don’t have plans on celebrating this year, just gonna keep it simple and relax 🙂 Anyway, back to my makeup. Today, I fused a few different colors together and came up with this look. I get kinda crazy when I see all the different color eyeshadows I have and feel like I have to use them all on my eyes at once…I’m crazy like that! It’s a very pretty look tho, great for Spring and Summer and it’s just fun and colorful. Ladies, don’t be afraid to play with color! You don’t have to go for the boldest, most vibrant eyeshadows, but you can start off using more subtle colors, like peach, pink, olive, baby blue, gold eyeshadows and see how it works well with your face and your skin tone. Don’t be scared, be daring!

Here’s the products I used:

MAC Tilt – Inner corner of my lids

MAC Atlantic Blue – Inner one third of my lids and outer third of my lids

NARS California – Center of my lids

MAC Deep Truth – Outer corner of my eyes

NARS Night Clubbing – In my crease

NARS Strada – Used as a background color, slightly above my crease

MAC Gorgeous Gold – Brow highlight color and inner corner of my eyes

I also used NYX Candy glitter in pink on the center of my eyes for that extra pop 🙂 Thanks for viewing!


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