Simply Gorgeous with the ELF 144-Piece Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette

What’s up, all of my beautiful people?!? I hope you guys are enjoying your Thursday…tomorrow is Friday, yay!!! Today, I played around with my ELF 144-piece ultimate eyeshadow palette that contains an array of eyeshadow colors, as well as some lip glosses. I bought this palette awhile back for $15 on I must say this palette is pretty good if you are a beginner at doin makeup. The colors aren’t super pigmented and are not difficult to work with. Also, if you are a person who prefers more neutral, simple eye makeup looks, this palette will work great for you. You can still switch it up every now and then and do your smoky eye looks with this palette. Like I said, the eyeshadows aren’t super pigmented, so you’ll get more of a subtle look as supposed to a more dramatic look. Some of the colors in the palette are more pigmented than others, but it’s still a decent palette for its price. Anyway, I created a look today that has some taupe colored eyeshadows and a little blue, green, peach and pink, all in the mix (that’s my style). It’s a very subtle and sophisticated look, great for a dinner date, parties, and even a great prom look. You can always use a more neutral color lip stick on your lips, but I chose to do a bold lip. I used a terra cotta kohl lip liner and NYX Mauve lipstick. I added a little touch of NYX Plum lip gloss to complete the look. I hope you guys like and hopefully you’ll get some ideas if you have an ELF palette. Have a great day!


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