Facefront Cosmetics Paradise In Flight Collection Ad Inspired Look

Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing good. I’ve been M.I.A. for a couple of days (if any of you guys noticed) because I had jury duty. I was soooo not looking forward to goin to jury duty!!! So, Monday was a miserable day for me cuz I was stuck in the courthouse for pretty much the whole day, not doin a damn thing! My name was finally called toward the end of the day and I found out I had to be a juror on a trial. Overall, I’m glad I had the experience of seeing an actual trial and playing a huge part in the deliberation…Anyway, back to the makeup! I came across this amazing, colorful makeup when I received my order from Facefront Cosmetics last week, when they were having a warehouse sale. I didn’t purchase anything from their new Spring/Summer collection called “Paradise in Flight,” but I saw a pic of the makeup they used in their ad. I thought it looked super pretty on the model and I just had to try the look! I do not have the exact same colors that were used for the look, but I have a lot of Facefront Cosmetics artistic pigments that come very close to it. So, for this look, I used mostly pigments and some dark purple eyeshadow to intensify the look a bit. I used an orange lipstick on my lips with a little touch of a coral lip gloss. This is NOT an exact replica of the look in the ad, it’s just my interpretation. Please comment on the look if you’d like! Thanks 🙂



10 thoughts on “Facefront Cosmetics Paradise In Flight Collection Ad Inspired Look

  1. Thanks! I absolutely love color, so i wear it on my face! U shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with color…u don’t have to wear the bold and bright eyeshadows, u can start off with more subtle colors, like peach, olive, baby blue, etc.

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