Green Smoky Eye Makeup

Hey, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying ur Saturday. My Saturday is goin ok…I am not in the best mood, but I tried to take my mind off of things by goin to the movies. I saw the Chimpanzee movie cuz I adore animals, especially little chimps! This movie made me cry and it was a very emotional and beautiful movie. If you’re into animals, go see this movie! Anyway, today’s makeup is dark, with different shades of green eyeshadows and some pink and gold glitter on the lids. The lips were kept very simple, I used NYC Mauve Gold lipstick and a lip gloss over it. I combined a plum and orange colored blush for my cheek color, and did a nice highlight with MAC iridescent powder in Golden Bronze on my cheek bones and my nose. I’m really starting to get more into the glitter cuz it makes the eyes sparkle a little more, and who doesn’t like an extra sparkle? Just sayin! I hope you guys like!


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