Earthy Makeup Look Using Facefront Cosmetics

Hey, everyone! I recently purchased two eyeshadow pigments from Facefront Cosmetics because they were having a warehouse sale, earlier this week. I got the eyeshadow pigment called Julie’s Revenge, which is an orange-gold color and I bought Nylon Garden, which is an olive color with gold reflects. I got these pigments for a pretty good price, I got them for $4.25 and $6.25, respectively. I really love Facefront Cosmetics artistic pigments because they’re very pigmented and easy to apply. Pigments can get very messy tho, so that’s why it’s best to use a small amount on a flat shading brush when you are applying it to the lid. For this look, I used Julie’s Revenge on my lid and Nylon Garden in my crease. I also used NARS Night Porter, which is a forest green color, in the outer part of my crease to give the look a little more depth. I added some Kiss false lashes to make the look more sexy.

For my lips, I decided to try another color, since the blue lips were a big hit. I didn’t quite like the green lips as much, but it worked well with the eyes. I used a emerald glimmerstick liner from Avon to line and fill in my lips, then used Iman’s orange lipstick to lighten the lips a bit and to give some contrast.

For the look without the green lips, I used MAC Get Rich Quick dazzleglass. I used NYX Cinnamon blush on my cheeks and MAC Golden Bronze iridescent loose powder as my highlight color on my cheeks and nose.

I hope you guys will try out some pigments and some of the other great stuff Facefront has to offer…they’re way more affordable than MAC!

P.S. Facefront Cosmetics, as well as a couple of other brands, are selling their cosmetics for a discounted price on discontinued items on Check that website out, too! Have a wonderful day!


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