Spring & Flirty!

Hey guys! Today’s makeup was inspired by a look I came across online. There’s some pink, gold, purple and black eyeshadow and blue eyeliner in the pic I re-created, so here’s my version of the look. Color is great for the Spring and this look is colorful, but not over done (In my opinion).

Here are the products I used:

MAC Vivid Pink eyeshadow pigment in the inner one third of my eyes

MAC Star Bronze eyeshadow pigment in the center of my eyes

MAC Carbon on the Outer V of my eyes

MAC Creme de Violet in my crease

MAC Helium eyeshadow pigment in the inner corners of my eyes

I used a NYX candy glitter in Pink on the outer half of my lower lash line and a blue eyeliner in the inner half of my lower lashline. U can always add falsies to spice up this look a little more.

On my face, I’m wearing Lola’s Sheer liquid foundation in Golden Honey with powder over it.

My cheeks – NYX Desert Rose Blush

Lips – NYX Shocking Pink matte lipstick with NYX mega shine gloss in Oro.

Have a great Wednesday! Please leave comments on looks you will like me to do. I will love to try out different looks, so don’t be afraid to ask! Thanks a bunch!


4 thoughts on “Spring & Flirty!

  1. Ok! So, this is GORG! If I wanted to attempt this, what is the primary color w/out having to hunt down ALL the different shadows. I’m particulary interested in the glittery, bronzy pink. I absolutely love it! Great Work LeeLee!

    • Thanks girl! I know i use a lot of MAC products, which can be pricey, so the primary color is MAC Star Bronze pigment that i used in the center of my eyes. I also used a Nyx candy glitter liner in Pink….those liners are very affordable, they’re like $4 and they have different colors. For the MAC pigment, i got it as a sample pigment from Allcosmeticswholesale.com. Check out that site for great deals on name brand makeup. Also, u can apply pigments wet or dry, but for this look, i applied it dry. I hope this helps! Feel free to hit me up if u have anymore questions!

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