Neutral Eyes and Bursting Blue Lips!

Hey, guys! Today’s look is very Springy and a great look to spice up or even tone down by just using a different shade of lipstick or lip gloss on ur lips! I kept the eye shadows neutral in color with a little touch of smokiness with a brown matte eyeshadow. For the lips, I saw a beauty guru on YouTube create a blue lipstick without actually using a blue lipstick, and I just had to try it on myself (y’all know I love color!). To get the blue lips, I just used a blue eyeliner I rarely use and lined and filled in my lips with it. Then, I took some blue eyeshadow and shaded in my lips. I added a NYX golden mauve mega shine gloss to soften out the blue lips a bit so it wasn’t too intense.

Here’s the products I used on my eyes:

MAC Honesty – all over my lids

MAC Mythology – Slightly above my crease and on the rest of my lids

MAC Trax – Above my crease and the outer portion of my lids

Sleek Au Naturel Palette – I used the lighter matte brown in the outer crease

NARS Coconut Grove – Outer V of my eyes and lower lash line

I used a berry plum blush from LA Colors on my cheeks and for the toned down lips, I used NYX Mega Shine gloss in Salsa. I hope you love it! See y’all tomorrow!


12 thoughts on “Neutral Eyes and Bursting Blue Lips!

  1. I wish I was courageous enough to try to blue lips, maybe someday when I’m home all by myself. Hahaha. Pretty sure I would get some crazy looks and comments from my bf.

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