A Natural Look with the Naked2 Palette

Hey guys! It’s a rainy Sunday here in NY and there’s nothing much to do 😦 However, I did have fun playing around with my makeup like I always do, and decided to use my Urban Decay Naked2 Palette today. This look is really simple and very natural looking, compared to what I’m used to doing. I used just a couple of colors on my eyes with a little bit of eyeliner. I used one of my NYX mega shine lip gloss, which is a plum shade to add a little color to the whole look. I used the darker eyeshadows on my lash line, to make them look more fuller. I barely used any color in the crease and I used the lightest silver color in the palette in the inner corners of my eyes. Anyway, I hope you like the more natural look! This makeup will look great on people who wear glasses because it’s very simple, but pretty 🙂 It’s also a nice look to wear to school or work.


6 thoughts on “A Natural Look with the Naked2 Palette

    • Thanks! It’s a great palette…you can do quite a few looks with it. If u check out my blog, you’ll see a couple of the looks I did with the Naked2 Palette. Thanks for subscribing! I’ll do the same 🙂

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