Colorfully Pretty Makeup

Hey guys! I hope you’re enjoying your day so far! Anyway, today’s look is pretty, I don’t know what else to really say about it! It has a few colors, which I love and it’s also a little dark and dramatic. Overall, it’s a great look for the Spring time, whether you’re goin to a fancy event, party, bbq or whatever. I just love dark and colorful looks, so that’s my look for today. I used two of my NYX mega shine lip glosses to match my outfit and my eye makeup, so I used a raspberry and coral (center of my lips)  colored lip gloss from my NYX lip gloss set. Like I said before, I only spent $5 for a set of 14 lip glosses! Pretty awesome! I love the colors in the collection and I’ll be using them a lot till I find another great deal on glosses! Enjoy the look!

Products used:

MAC Eye kohl pencil in Feline – Used as my base color

MAC eyeshadow pigment in Full Force Violet

NARS California – inner portion of my eyes

MAC Star Violet – Inner portion of my eyes
A green, matte MAC eyeshadow  – Any matte green will work – Above my outer crease

MAC Pink Bronze eyeshadow pigment in the inner corner of my eyes


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