IMATS Coming to NY!!! Yay!!!

Hello, to all of my makeup lovers! I am super excited about the International Makeup Artists Trade Show that will be coming to NY this friday through Sunday! If you don’t know about IMATS, let me educate you a bit… it’s only the biggest makeup show ever, duh!!! Thousands of makeup artists, makeup lovers and vendors will be there to display their work and to talk about new makeup products that are out now and products that will be coming out. There will be makeup seminars on how to achieve particular looks and some top Youtube beauty gurus will also be there! So far, I know that Kandee Johnson, JulieG and Queen of Blending will be there. They will even have a meet and greet segment, where you can walk up to their table for the vendors they are supporting, and ask them questions about all things makeup. I’m really looking forward to meeting them and hopefully making some connections in the industry! So, here are the details: It’s $45 dollars for general admission on Saturday and Sunday, and $75 if you wanna attend both days. Friday is reserved for pro members. You can get all of the details from If you plan on attending, please let me know. I will love to meet y’all! I’ll be there on Saturday!


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