Pink and Blue Makeup Look

Hey guys! Today, I did a colorful look with mainly blue and pink eyeshadow. This definitely is a great spring look and it’s a pretty bold look as well. I used NYX, MAC and NARS products, but you can always use whatever brands you have in your makeup case! I used a blue eyeshadow as the highlight color in the center of my lids, pink on the inner and outer corner of my eyes, a green eyeshadow in the outer crease and a blue eyeshadow on top of my crease. I also used a yellow eyeshadow in the inner half of my brow bone area. I don’t wanna list out all the products I used cuz it’s a lot! If you do have any questions about the products I used, leave a comment and I will respond! I also wore false lashes today, and one of my lashes came out better than the other, so don’t laugh at me! Lol, u can laugh if u want. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy the look!


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