Glittery & Dark Party Eyes!

As promised, I did a makeup look today using the products I bought from I will be goin out to a party tonight and I want my eyes to sparkle and to catch people’s eyes. If you’re goin for a dramatic, dark look like this, glitter goes a long way! I used NYX Candy Glitter in Disco Queen (pics didn’t show all the glitter too well, smh), MAC Deep Purple and Blue brown pigment, NARS Strada and MAC Stars n’ Rockets. I used a frosty white pigment in the inner corner of my eyes to bring some light to the look. I also used my Maybelline Power blush in berry plum on my cheeks and kept my lips relatively simple with a NARS lipgloss.


I don’t know if I will have enough time tonight before I go out to post my whole look, so I just have my eye makeup. I hope this will give you girlies some ideas for a dark, smoky party look. Enjoy ur Saturday and if you’re goin out, I would love to see ur makeup! Please comment below!


2 thoughts on “Glittery & Dark Party Eyes!

  1. This is definitely eye catching. Love it! I’m on the fence if I want to start using glitter. The fall out works my nerves and discourages me from using it. I’ve gotten it in my eyes and it was a mess! But I love seeing it on others. It adds so much glamour.
    Anyhow hope you had a great time!

  2. My eyes are supet sensitive to glitter too, but the NYX candy liquid liner doesn’t get all messy cuz the glitter adhered to the brush. I wouldn’t suggest putting it close to the lashline tho cuz it does irritate ur eyes. I had fun, thanks a lot!

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