Colorful Arabic-Inspired Eye Makeup

Hey, everyone! Today is Friday, so you know I had to do a gorgeous eye makeup look for y’all today! Anyway, I was thinking of a look I can do and decided to go with an Arabic themed look. Arabic eye makeup looks are known for its strong, pointed eyeliners and colorful eyeshadows. I attempted to do a pointed Arabic-inspired eyeliner, but it wasn’t looking too good on my eyes for some reason (I guess I just need more practice!) Whenever I do get it down, I will post it for you! Anyway, I did stick with the Arabic colors, that include gold, purple, green, brown and black eyeshadows/pigments.


Here are the products I used:

Body Bling Cosmetics Bronze Gold pigment – Inner one-third of my eyelid

Facefront Cosmetics Weekend Warrior artistic pigment – Center of the lid

NARS Night Clubbing – Outer one-third of my lid

NARS Night Porter – Crease color

MAC Star Violet – Transition color

I used a matte black eyeshadow to give the look a little more depth and to create more of a smoky eye. I recommend for this look to keep your blush and lip color very simple, so your eyes will stand out. If you’re going for a bold look, a medium red color lipstick will complete the Arabic look. Please post links or comments if you’ve ever tried an Arabic eyeliner look…will love to get some tips! Thanks!


6 thoughts on “Colorful Arabic-Inspired Eye Makeup

  1. I love this look, it really compliments your eyes. Would love to see it with a full outfit! The purple is wonderful, Is it the Weekend Warrior? I might have to go and check on that one!

    ❤ Abby.

    • Thanks! I didn’t wear anything special today, just did my eye makeup, but I will keep that in mind for future posts.Yes, it’s Weekend Warrior, a great vibrant purple pigment, it’s definitely a must have!Thanks for viewing my blog!

  2. Gorgeous as usual! I’m loving that purple. It helps working on others to perfect the Arabic liner. I’m trying to master that myself.
    Well done!

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