Victoria Secret Ultimate Makeup Kit Review and Makeup Look!

Hey, everyone! Today, I decided to use my Victoria Secret Ultimate Makeup Palette since it’s been collecting dust in my room (too much makeup I have, I’m obsessed!). I haven’t really used much of the eyeshadows from this palette because I’m very biased toward cheaper makeup brands (sorry, but it’s the truth). I do, however, use the blushes from this palette and the bronzer from time to time. I love the blushes! They’re very pretty and come in different shades of pink and they also have a peach blush color in this palette. As for the eyeshadows, the application of the colors are very silky in texture and don’t leave much fall out. I can only say that a few of the colors are pigmented, such as the two gold colors in this palette, as well as the blue, gray and purple eyeshadows. The other eyeshadow colors you have to keep re-applying to get the true color, which can be annoying. I got this VS palette as a gift from my sis awhile back for my birthday, but I believe the palette was around $30. The palette comes with 30 silky eyeshadow colors (very nice colors in the palette that range from neutral to dark eyeshadows) , lipstick, lipgloss, blush, bronzer, luminous powder, translucent powder, lip liner, eye liner and mascara. The luminous powder in this palette is great for highlighting your cheeks (it looks super pretty) and I liked the lip liner that came in this palette as well. It’s a nude pink liner, so it will be great for pink lipsticks and pink glosses as well. I haven’t used the eye liner as yet, but when I tested it out on my hand, it was very black and slided on very smoothly (that’s pretty damn good). Overall, I give this palette a 3.5/5. This palette is great for beginners or for people who like a more toned down makeup look with subtle colors. The blushes, luminous powder and a few of the eyeshadows are the best part of the palette. I actually used some of the lip glosses from the palette today and I liked them a lot, too! Super creamy and felt good on my lips, so that’s an A+.

Anyway, here is the makeup look I did today. I went for a more neutral, soft, toned down look that is a great look for the spring. I used the pinks, purples and the gray from this palette to achieve this look. Hope y’all likey!



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