Classic Indian Bridal Makeup

Hey guys! I was inspired to do an Indian bridal makeup look today from a beauty guru on Youtube. Her name is Eman and her work is amazing! She did a video tutorial recently of a classic Indian bridal makeup look and it came out amazing on her model! Anyway, I did my own version of the look, using gold, red and brown eyeshadows and a red lipstick. Here’s the look and the products that were used:


Sugarpill Cosmetics eyeshadow pigment in Goldilux (Inner corner of my eyes)

Facefront Cosmetics Artistic Pigment in Acrylic Apple Torte (Center of my eyes)

NARS Night Clubbing (Outer V of my eyes)

I used a NYX red lipstick that was a little bit on the darker side, but I think it matches my skin tone better. Anyway, thanks for viewing!! Have a lovely day!


5 thoughts on “Classic Indian Bridal Makeup

  1. really not trying to be rude but this isn’t classic indian makeup (this comment is probably meant for the youtube guru you mentioned) it is modern north indian bridal makeup. the rest of india doesn’t wear this much makeup on their weddings. it’s very simple traditional khol and basic face makeup. 🙂 but the eyes look very lovely on you.

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