Forest Green & Earthy Brown Eyeshadow Tutorial

Today’s look is very simple, but makes you look like you’ve spent a lot of time doing your makeup! I used three main eyeshadow colors for this look. Keep reading and I’ll tell you how to achieve this look!Image

Step 1: Prime your eyelids with some eyeshadow primer. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is really good and will keep your makeup intact the whole day, or you can use Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance (that’s what I use and I love it!). It’s essential to wear a primer before doing your eye makeup because it will keep ur eyeshadows in place and won’t crease your makeup.

Step 2: Apply a dark green eyeshadow base. (U can use any cream base you have, but I used a Sephora cream liner in green as my base).

Step 3: Apply NARS Night Porter on your lids. (This eyeshadow is on the expensive side, but another great alternative that is a little less expensive is MAC’s Humid….absolutely beautiful green color!)

Step 3: Using a tapered blending brush or a crease brush, apply NARS Coconut Grove into your crease and repeat step to build the color. (You can use any dark brown matte eyeshadow you have!)

Step 4: Swipe MAC’s Honesty eyeshadow above your crease color. (This will make a seamless transition color to your highlight color on your brow bone).

Step 5: Wrap up the whole look! Apply some liquid black liner to your lash line and some mascara. You can wear a coral colored blush color on ur cheeks or a soft pink color for your blush. I kept my lips on the simple side, and used NARS lip gloss in Pillow Talk.

Step 6: Give me some feedback on this look! It will be appreciated. Thanks!


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