Outrageous Orange Makeup!

This is the 2nd editorial look I re-created so far and it’s very vibrant and orange! You have to be daring and be a big fan of color on your eyes to rock this look! If you’re as daring as me, you’ll try it out! There’s not a lot of colors on my lids, but they are very pigmented and bright.

Here are the products I used:

MAC Orange eyeshadow pigment – Applied to the inner corner of my eyes, as well as the crease.

MAC Primary Yellow eyeshadow pigment – Applied on the center of my lids, as well as the brow bone as my highlight color.

MAC Full Force Violet eyeshadow pigment – Applied on the outer corner of my eyes.

On my cheeks, I mixed a few different orange eyeshadow colors and used it as my blush.

For my brows, I darkened the color of my natural brows (to match the pic I re-created) by using an ELF black liner.

I wore Iman’s Nu Orange lipstick on my lips and lined my lips with a reddish brown lipliner.

Anyway, that was it! Fairly simple spring-summer look that anyone can do! Enjoy!


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