Tropical Eyeshadow

Hey, guys!!! Today, I did a tropical eyeshadow look. I was inspired to do this eye makeup from a beauty guru on Youtube. It looked really good on her eyes, so I wanted to try it on my own eyes. These are the products I used:

Yellow eyeshadow under my brow (from the Manly palette…u can find these palettes on Ebay)

Sugarpill Cosmetics Dollipop eyeshadow mixed with a hot pink eyeshadow from the Manly Palette – I applied this color directly under the yellow eyeshadow. The yellow and hot pink eyeshadow will create a hue of orange.

Medium purple eyeshadow from Manly palette (I applied this color to my crease, adding more color to the outer part of my crease and less color toward the inner part of my crease).

On my lid, I mixed a shimmery, teal color eyeshadow from Facefront Cosmetics with a deep, coral blue color from the Manly Palette. Lastly, I applied a dark, shimmery purple eyeshadow from MAC called Beauty Mark, to the outer V of my eyes. On the inner corner of my eyes, I used a pale, shimmery yellow color to bring some brightness to the look.

I hope you enjoyed this look! There will be more come…..thanks for viewing!


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